Robert A Lynch

2016 in Review

I grew a lot as an actor this year – more physical, playful, artistic, vocal and comfortable in chaos. I also made a big distinction toward the end of 2016 that really changed my perspective, and subsequently, my outlook for 2017: there’s a huge difference between struggling and being in the struggle. The latter includes […]

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Baking Bread & Acting

For my birthday (June), my mother gave me a Lodge 7 quart cast iron dutch oven so I could make No Knead Bread popularized by the New York Times. It’s a simple recipe: flour, salt, yeast, water. That’s it. All the ingredients you need. But here’s the catch. I’ve made six loaves of bread so […]

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Time Saving Tax Tips for Actors

I just filed my taxes and I know how painful, frustrating, exasperating, mind-numbing, etc. it can be, especially when you’re trying to gather information from the previous year. Here’s three tools/tricks that have made my tax time infinitely more bearable. Full disclosure, I’ve used TurboTax ever since I started freelancing for myself (I’m a publicist […]

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