I’ve been described as Jack Lemmon meets Richard Kind as a young Matthew Perry. My sweet spot commercially is quirky young dad/husband and I’m a Midwest Everyman.

I was born and raised in Chicago. My life’s trajectory changed the night I saw a professional colleague perform a one off sketch show at Second City. I enrolled in Second City’s level A improv program shortly thereafter and the rest, as they say, is history.

Frequently cast as the comedic relief, I typically oscillate between childlike absurdity and the emotional voice of reason.

You can see me in “Deer in the Headlight” by GK Studio Productions playing a high school teacher, now appearing on ReelHouse.org. You can also see me as Riley in episodes “Catalyst” and “Fight” of Pineapple Boy Films’ Platoon of Power Squadron, better known as PoPS.

I wrote, produced and starred in my own webseries/mockumentary, “.4 Seconds, Ricky Hustile’s Last Shot at the NBA.” The mockumentary follows a successful IT salesperson who leaves his career to give his childhood dream of playing for the NBA one last shot. It’s semi-autobiographical. I can still shoot three pointers, but I’m probably a bit too slow to run with LeBron.

A frequent collaborator with CRADEmade Entertainment and Edgeline Studios, I appeared in their spec commercials, shorts and a TV pilot called “Off the Scale”, where I played Andrew, the co-owner of a 24 hour fitness club called Anytime Fitness.

I’ve completed the improv training programs at UCB, iO, and The Annoyance and Act One Studios’ Meisner program. I also completed the Second City Conservatory program, where I wrote and performed my song, “I Love Work!”, an ode to middle managers who love work because they don’t really do anything.

I’ve performed in several small black box theaters in Chicago.

My go to karaoke song is “Suspicious Minds” by The King, Elvis Presley. It’s a hat tip to “Eating With Elvis” with the cross country team on Friday nights in college. Every Friday, each runner prepared a full box of Kraft Macaroni & Cheese and attempted to eat all of it within Suspicious Minds’ 4:32 duration. I succeeded on more than one occasion.

My grandmother was a baker, so I followed in her footsteps. I bake my own bread, press my own Spritz cookies with my vintage WearEver cookie press (using her recipe from 1952) and whip up healthy wheat banana breads. I also make damn good blueberry pancakes. I occasionally brew my own beer. I love Roma tomatoes, consume a lot of olive oil, and suspend my diet for most pastries.

When I’m not acting, I teach a “Small Business Publicity: PR 101” workshop at General Assembly and publicize small to mid-size companies, their products and their people, as a freelance public relations consultant.