UCB 301 With Julie Brister

I started UCB 301 with Julie Brister last eve. It’s always interesting hearing other people’s backstories. We have a lot of East Coasters, some Midwesterners and one LA unicorn and most have moved to LA within the past five years or so.

We did an exercise where we walked around and would stop when someone shared a brief factoid or anecdote. Topics included car problems, car crashes, Vegas, pets, celebrity encounters, Halloween, bosses.

Some highlights:

  • I had a date, but no car. So I walked into a Honda dealership and walked out with a new car. I’m now paying $350 per month for the next six years.
  • I was listening to the WTF podcast. I left my front room and kept hearing Marc Maron’s voice. I looked out my window and he was hosting a barbecue next door.
  • My gerbil had 17 babies. And then ate them all.
  • I broke my arm because I fell asleep while riding my bike.
  • I got into two accidents. The second one happened as I was after leaving physical therapy from the first accident.
  • My favorite part of Halloween in college was waking up early the next day to see who was walking home in their costume from the night before.
  • Me and my friends went to Vegas. I was the only one that was 21, so my friends would give me money and I would walk down to the floor to bet on roulette. I lost their money.

Then we separated into two groups and did a short show – three monologues and four two person scenes with three beats per.

It’s going to be a fun class. Some really smart, fun performances just in the first class. And Julie is extremely concise in her notes and very supportive.