Seven years ago or so, I was visiting Brian and Rachel, a close high school friend and his wife. Rachel asked if I’d ever move to LA. I emphatically said no. I love Chicago. My mom lives in Chicago. My home is Chicago.

Right now, I’m sitting outside Rachel and Brian’s house in Thousand Oaks, CA. It’s 80 degrees and there’s a light breeze. It’s November 2, 2013. I’m crashing in their house with them and their two kids until I find an apartment in LA.

So, how did this come to be? Why am I in LA?

I’ve been acting and improvising for 10 years now, but a couple key events inspired this run.

1) My good friend Corrina is an actor, producer and writer and founder of Crademade Entertainment. We met on the set of a financial services commercial in Chicago and worked together on a TV pilot, a spec commercial, a short and she played a role in my webseries, “.4 Seconds – Ricky Hustile’s Last Shot at the NBA.” She kept asking why I wasn’t in LA. I started wondering the same.

2) Last October, my good friend Katie and I performed a 7 minute piece for the Women’s Theater Alliance. We didn’t get selected for the showcase. I’ve had a chip on my shoulder since.

3) I attended a casting workshop in Chicago. 300 people submit. 5 get called in and those five have strong theater backgrounds. I’ve done theater, but it’s not where my passion lies.

So here I am and I’m pretty excited to see what I’m capable of.

Thanks for reading.