Nothing like moving into your apartment, unless you’re moving into your apartment on Veteran’s Day. Here’s why. My landlord wouldn’t take a check. That meant I had to cover my rent + half to move in. It was the one day my friend from high school had off, i.e. an extra car plus extra muscle (he and his wife) to move me into my choice studio.

Antifraud measures on ATMs mean you can only pull so much cash from your account. Finding the limit is a fun exercise in bartering with a non-negotiating computer. $500? Exceeded limit. $400? Exceeded limit $200? Processing. It reminded me of trying to barter with my father for an extra 15 minutes at the basketball court two blocks from our house when I was in high school. 10:30? No. 10:15? No. 10:00? Not a second later.

I pulled the limit – on my personal and business account – and was still $500 short.Thankfully my high school friend pulled money out of his account. I wrote him a check. All good.

We loaded up the cars and drove into LA. Parked the cars, unloaded my stuff and had enough time on the meter to pop a bottle of champagne and have a toast.

Everything comes in threes though, which I found out when I contacted the Los Angeles power company.

“What’s your emergency?”

“I need electricity.”

“We can’t do that for two days.”



So two days in the dark sleeping on a sleeping bag on the floor. And a lot of peanut butter sandwiches.