The original plan was to head west starting September 25th. That changed I received a note from Jake Jarvi, the writer, director, producer and actor of Platoon of Power Squadron. My character, Riley, appeared in episode 7 and I absolutely loved working with Jake and the rest of the ensemble. Jake was putting the finishing touches on the episode 8 script and planned to start shooting in October. Option one was to write Riley out of the script. Option two was to stick around. I stuck around. That meant spending two weeks sleeping on an Aero bed in my mom’s condo.

The first week, we shot in the old warehouse – the same warehouse we used for episode 7 and the same warehouse under consideration for the Nightmare on Elm Street reboot. It was like coming home again.

The second week, it was a couple quick scenes. And done.

Working on Platoon of Power Squadron was one of the best experiences of my life. So extremely grateful to Jake for the opportunity. Packing my bags, selling my stuff and fitting as much in my car as I can. See you soon Los Angeles.