Killan’s Commercial Workshop/Chris Game

Killan’s Commercial Workshop/Chris Game

I focused the first half of 2014 honing my commercial technique. I completed Killian’s Commercial Workshop and Chris Game’s commercial technique classes, which took me from hoping/thinking I could book commercials to knowing I can.

In terms of personalities, Killian is like Bob Knight and Chris is like John Wooden. Both demand excellence, but have polar opposite teaching styles. Killian’s is like a boot camp and he acts as such. It’s a cold room. He’s not warm and fuzzy. Don’t expect a lot of positive feedback. The rationale is by teaching you all the audition traps in the classroom, actual auditions will be easy in comparison. He also forces you to step up to the plate and bring everything you have to the table in every audition.

Chris is the opposite. He’s warm and supportive. Chris takes what you have and teaches you how to build on it. He provides you with a toolbox full of techniques to manipulate the camera so your audition pops off the screen. He teaches you how to get noticed. He often says, I teach you how to deliver an audition with more impact.

I took both classes at the same time. I’d recommend going that route if you can because you can apply lessons from both in their classes the following week.

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