DubTopia! with Drake & Lasley

DubTopia! with Drake & Lasley

Last week, I caught DubTopia! with Drake & Lasley at The Holding Company. It’s a monthly sketch show put on by DeDe Drake and Sherra Lasley. I know DeDe from improv class at the Annoyance and Sherra from slinging me beers at iO Chicago. What a treat.

This month’s show featured:

Connor Tillman – a roller skate performance to the Pointer Sisters designed to top his sister’s recent stellar report card. Delightful. Followed by a

Claire Mulaney George – what happens when you’re a Turkish woman hosting a Friends viewing party and the TV craps out? You reenact each scene and give a play by play of what’s happening.
Neal Dandade – Man vs. Wild spoof complete with a worm in the urethra. Ouch.
Kristina Felske – Cribs spoof complete with rockin Sharpie drawn abs. Pump that bass.
Josh Logan – a robot desperately trying to be one of the guys in a frat.
Rebecca Krasny – the bare all discussions you have in a gym locker room after a tough workout.
DeDe Drake – Honey Boo Boo on the comeback trail, thanks to this inspiring talent manager.
Tim Baltz – an expecting father in the waiting room gets news that changes his life – his newly born son is 1/4 dog.

Videos by:
Midwest Bitties
Not So Grown Ups

With musical guest:
Kaylee Cole (she gave her own interpretation of Kanye’s Runaway – it was hilarious).

Look up the event on facebook. Good comedy, good crowds, good drinks. Highly recommend.