elev8 Talent Agency & Representation

elev8 Talent Agency & Representation

It’s official. I have representation. I’m now a proud member of elev8‘s talent roster.

I haven’t attended agent/manager workshops in the past, but I received an email from Hollywood Acting Workshops to meet five commercial agents. The attending agencies were among the names members of the Backstage Forum constantly chat about and there was a price break for first time users. So I went for it.

The audition process was unique. They put the agents in a line behind desks at the front of the room and then each person went up one at a time to do their commercial scripts in front of the whole group. You could feel the tension. Thankfully, I’d worked with Chris Game on a commercial script he provided in his scene study class. It’s hilarious. It’s an homage to one of my favorite AT&T commercials. And it worked – laughs from the agents and audience.

I woke up to an email from Kylie MacKenzie the next morning, met last Friday and agreed to move forward with the agency.

Special thanks to Chris, Killian and Rob Adler for helping me prepare for this moment and Vanie Poyey for snapping headshots that look like me.

Let’s get booking!