October 20th marks three years in LA. Here’s where I am and what I’ve learned:

It’s a process

“It’s a process” is my go to phrase when people ask how it’s going in LA. Process is product. Focus on the process and the results will take care of themselves.

Play the long game

A year and a half ago, I grabbed a beer at a local watering hole, the Ye Rustic Inn, and chatted with a fellow actor who hails from St. Louis. He told me it took him about six or seven years to start feeling like he was getting traction. The more I read about “making it as an actor,” the more I realize it’s a game of constant upleveling and attrition.

There’s always more to do

When I moved to LA, I thought I was a pretty good actor. The reality was I had a good foundation. I needed to improve script analysis and acting with my whole body, not just from the neck up. I’ve been in class since day one and I’ve changed dramatically as an actor.

You have to love it

In those interviews where actors say you have to love acting

Self care is critical

It’s easy to get trapped in the what ifs. That can drain your energy, it means I haven’t been sleeping particularly well. It’s also easy to get trapped in comparing yourself to others. Even keel is the way to go.

Find comfort in chaos

The only constant is change. The only way to survive LA is to accept and embrace chaos and use what routines you can (eating, sleeping, exercising, etc.) to maintain some semblance of normalcy.

There is no magic bullet

There are a lot of companies offering promises on how to take your career to the next level. The longer I’ve been here, the more I realize each person’s path is their own.

Time doesn’t exist

LA is sunny every day. It’s 80 +/- 10 degrees every day. That means I usually end up forgetting that Christmas is right around the corner.